It’s an honour to contribute to Journal of Urban Technology’s special issue, “Splintering Urbanism at 20”, alongside some of the biggest names and the brightest minds in the field of critical urban studies.

This special issue reflects on 20 years of Steve Graham and Simon Marvin’s catalytic book, “Splintering Urbanism: Networked Infrastructures, Technological Mobilities and the Urban Condition”, as well as on the state of urban infrastructure scholarship:

The purpose of this collection is not so much to revisit the book and the debates and critique around it, but instead to pursue two aims. The first is to think about the issues that the book introduced and how the questions it attended to have changed over time. The second is to take stock of the disparate field of urban infrastructure research and to speculate on where it might be heading in the coming years. The collection explores the multiple agendas that have driven urban infrastructure research in the past two decades. . .

Wiig, A., Karvonen, A., McFarlane, C. & Rutherford, J. (2022) From the guest editors: Splintering Urbanism at 20: Mapping Trajectories of Research on Urban Infrastructures, Journal of Urban Technology 29(1), pp. 1-11.

I coauthored a commentary with Kristian Saguin on the paradoxes that characterise infrastructural space-making in Metro Manila. It is free to access on the publisher’s website until 2022 April 30, and is also permanently available for download via this link.